6. Will you work with what I have?

Yes! You would be surprised what changes can be made from just rearranging a room.

5. What if I want do some of the work myself?

No problem! We look for anyway to to make your decorating dollars to go as far as possible.

4. Do you have remodelers, tile layers, or other craftsmen you can recommend?

We have great craftsmen we can recommend. They are reliable and stand behind their work.

3. How do you charge for your services?

We do have a consultation fee. The recommendations we make for your home can be purchased through us. Some projects may need to have an hourly rate. Each project is unique to itself and will be determined.

2. I haven’t worked with an interior designer before, how does this work?

We will make an initial consultation visit to your home to discuss your needs, wants, and dreams. Together, we will decide what you want to keep or reuse. Then we go to our studios and come up with design ideas. At the next appointment, we'll really start the design process.

1. I need help with paint selections!

Of course! Selecting paint can be rather intimidating. It's your room's backdrop.

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