About JT Designs


JT Designs is a full service design firm. After working at several designs firms, June and Jeanette joined together in 1994, establishing JT Designs.

Since then, JT Designs has done interior design throughout the entire Kansas City Metro area.

June and Jeanette enjoy incorporating their clients personal collections and treasures in a unique way. Everything is customized for each client such as interior finishes,   furnishings, area rugs, window treatments, art, and accessories; all significant to each home owner.

The Design Process

  1. Initial consultation, where we evaluate client needs and desires
  2. Coordinating new construction
  3. Design and select furniture
  4. Select materials and finishes for interior and exterior surfaces
  5. Design, select, purchase, and oversee installation of all interior furnishings and accessories



Designed by Dustin Henrich